Thank you for visiting my home page "The Room of Tatsuaki Tanaka”.

As I seem to have grown older without noticing it, I think now is a good opportunity to bring my work together online.

I was born in Tokyo in 1940, just before World War beganI undertook the architectural course of  Waseda University in 1959. There I studied building equipment technology under the guidance of Professor Uichi Inouye. After graduation from Waseda University I worked at the Technical Insitute of Obayashi in Tokyo. From 1971 to 1973 I worked at the Hermann Rietschel Institute of the Technical University Berlin as a scholar of DAAD. From this time, I continued to promote exchange with Germany.

From 1993 I worked as a professor of the Faculty of the Human Life and Environmental Science of Ochanomizu Unversity in Tokyo. I retired from this section in 2006. 

My home page introduces the following:.

1Bruno Taut

2Cultural Exchange with Germany?


4Ernst May

5Thermal Insulation Technology

6Indoor Air Environment

7) Heating Technology

8My History



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